What is an H&I Meeting or Presentation?

The purpose of an H&I meeting is to carry the NA message of recovery to addicts who do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Who is Best Suited to Carry the NA Message in an H&I Meeting?

In our experience, it is best for members to have three months clean before attending an H&I meeting, and six months clean before speaking at one. It is not important whether or not we have been in a similar facility ourselves. Anyone with a clear and consistent Narcotics Anonymous message who is willing to share is well suited for H&I work.

In 2014 the Free Spirit Area and the Greater Providence Area joined together to form the Rhode Island Unified H&I Sub-Committee. The goal is to better server in the spirit of unity, the needs of facilities in the state requesting Narcotics Anonymous speaker Presentations.

Come to the Unified H&I Subcommittee meeting held on the same day as the Free Spirit Area Meeting. Usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month. We encourage all NA groups to send a H&I group representative to help us fulfill our primary purpose. We are always looking for New Panel Leaders for the facilities where we currently have NA Presentations. This also includes our Corrections Facilities.

H&I group representatives can sign up for a commitment starting at 1:00. Meeting starts at 1:30.

Download WSC H&I Handbook (PDF)

If you are a representative of a facility or institution and you would like information about arranging a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in your facility please contact Public Information at PI@GPANA.ORG

If you are a facility that currently has a NA Speaker Presentation and have questions or concerns please contact us at HI@GPANA.ORG