If you are a member of the media, public agency, institution, or educational facility please email the Public Information Subcommittee at PI@GPANA.ORG

As Narcotics Anonymous grows, representatives of the print and electronic media will show increasing interest in our fellowship. When the media become interested in NA, their reporters often approach us without an understanding of the principle of anonymity. Maintaining personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films must be our highest priority when contacts are made with the public and the media.

The general mission of our area public information subcommittee is to inform addicts and others in the community of the availability of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous. Services provided by PI subcommittees vary widely from area to area. The simplest kind of PI project is the production and distribution of fliers throughout the community announcing that NA is available and that more information can be had either by calling the local NA information phoneline or by attending an NA meeting. As PI subcommittees become better developed, they often conduct public meetings for community members, distribute public service announcements to local radio and television stations, and respond to public media inquiries. Some PI subcommittees develop separate working groups called CPC panels (short for cooperation with the professional community) to focus especially on the NA community’s relations with local treatment professionals. The Public Relations Handbook, available from the World Service Office, provides detailed information on conducting a wide range of projects designed to increase community awareness of Narcotics Anonymous.