We Do:

  • Follow our traditions, public relations plans, and guidelines.
  • Try to be consistent.
  • We follow through on our plans of action.
    Keep updated records of contacts, posted flyers, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), etc.
  • Remember that quality is better than quantity.
  • Present a good image of recovery: punctual, appropriately dressed, and avoid using obscenities when we speak.
  • Consult with members experienced in PI work before contacting the media.

We Don’t:

  • Do public information service alone.
  • Abuse our precious resources. When we don’t complete a project, we create a negative image of NA.
  • Present ourselves as the only spokesperson for NA.
  • Accept contributions from outside our fellowship.
  • State an opinion or take a stand on any non-NA or public issue.
  • Give out personal information about individual NA members.
  • Operate hospitals or recovery houses for addicts.
  • Solicit or persuade others to join.
  • Engage in or sponsor scientific research on addiction.
  • Keep membership records or case histories of its members.
  • Make medical or psychological diagnoses.
  • Provide marriage, family, or vocational counseling.
  • Provide monetary or social assistance.
  • Provide or participate in primary drug prevention education.